You deserve a safe and decent home

Everyone has a right to a safe home—without any bad housing conditions. This website will help you find out if your home is safe according to the state sanitary code. It will help you get the repairs that you need.

Solve your housing problems

Learn about the different ways you can solve your housing problems.

Document the problem

Keeping good records is important. It’s good to have proof of the problem and how long it has existed.

Notify your landlord

Your landlord is only responsible for fixing problems that they know about. Make sure your landlord knows about problems in your house by telling them, even if you think that they should already know. You have a right not to be retaliated against for making a complaint to your landlord about bad housing conditions.

Call a housing inspector

Everyone has the right to have their apartment inspected by an official to make sure the apartment is up to code. If you live in public housing or have a Section 8 voucher, the Housing Authority will inspect your home at least once a year. You can call if you need them to come sooner.

Stop your eviction

You can use the sanitary code to defend against an eviction. Learn more.

You choose what to do. We help you get the repairs you need.

How it works

Up to Code will help you solve problems with bad conditions in your home.


Read about your landlord's responsibilities.


Track the problems you have in each room of your home.


Upload photos or add other information about each problem.


Choose a next step to get your landlord to fix the problems.


Download documents this website creates for you.

This website is safe to use

It is illegal for your landlord to do anything to harm you because you ask for repairs. Your landlord cannot raise your rent or try to evict you because you tell them about things that need to be repaired.

Quick, free and easy to use!

Most tenants take about 20 minutes to use this website.

UpToCode made it easy for me to inspect my apartment on my own and document the problems. Now that I know my rights as a tenant, I've been sharing what I learned with other people.
Chelsea, Massachusetts